healthcare and disability subrogation

Russell & Oliver handled two landmark ERISA subrogation cases that were ultimately decided by the United States Supreme Court.
Our lawyers represent ERISA plan fiduciaries and non-ERISA plan administrators in healthcare and disability subrogation matters all over the country. Our lawyers are admitted to numerous federal courts, and have handled ERISA matters and other types of healthcare and disability subrogation cases in virtually every state.

workers’ compensation subrogation

Receiving workers’ compensation or determining who is responsible for the payment usually ends up being a sticky situation that can spiral out of control quickly if no action is taken. Russell & Oliver’s attorneys represent workers’ compensation carriers and self-funded employers in workers’ compensation subrogation matters. Unlike some firms, we handle every case referred to us.  Our attorneys perform the work for each case they handle rather than outsourcing it to local counsel. One of the greatest benefits to our clients is the ability to have direct relationships with responsive attorneys who are performing the work.