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States Russell & Oliver have workedSince 2001, Russell & Oliver has maintained a dedicated and professional team of attorneys, providing national legal services at competitive rates. Understanding our clients is a top priority, and that is why we have tailored our operations to fit their specific needs.

We have national litigation experience on two landmark cases, establishing ourselves as true experts in ERISA subrogation, employment, employee benefits law and related litigation. We represent employers, plans, administrators, and re-insurers of all sizes, including local and regional companies and several Fortune 100 companies. Our attorneys practice in federal and state courts throughout the U.S.


One of the only firms in our area that does not outsource to other firms... We always personally handle cases. Nationally recognized for our work in the developing area of coordination of medicare benefits.Vast experience working in previous firms allows our team to serve fortune 500 and 100 clients in a way that is typically seen only at larger firms.Trained with people on the 'Opposite Side' of litigation.  So we can offer an 'insider perspective' in all stages of case management.